We get a lot of cool emails from Shock's fans. I thought maybe you'd like to read some of them.

Keep'em coming!

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I enjoyed reading your web site. My grandfather was Manuel Beiro and I ran

the Valencia for the past 30 years. I was fortunate to have been working the

day Paul came into Valencia and told me he came in because someone told him

his picture was on the wall.  It was with my grandfather as The Longest

Running LIVE television commercial in America for Valencia Garden. I also

have a plaque from Channel 13 with Paul commerrating the 500th Live

commercial. My grandfather did well over 2200 before the video tape was the

norm. I am happy to see Shock Remembered. My grandfather had plenty of

stories about him and always enjoyed working with him. Thank you. 


          David Agliano

                                         * * *

Found a link to your tribute to Channel 13's Shock Armstrong on I was 12 years old in 1964 and Shock Theater was an absolute must watch every friday night. Although I usually fell asleep during the 2nd feature. I can still hear my mother...errr...his mother yelling at him to clean up his room.


Thanks for shocking memories!


        Phil Adams

                                                      * * *

Hello Fred,

I have a group page on facebook that is all about our memories of growing up in South Tampa in the 50s 60s 70s and 80s. called

South Tampa Survivors. There would be much interest in the audio and video you said would be posted in Jan.

So when you get that going would love to link your site for others to enjoy and reminess.

My uncle worked at channel 13 and took me to the set once. I would love to see it again and so would many others that still live here.


            Take care, Randy Perritt

                                                    * * *

I can't believe this website is here! This morning I watched the original

"Wolfman" 1941 with Lon Chaney, Claude Rains and Ralph Bellamy. I haven't

seen that in years. It reminded me of Shock Theater and my husband and I

talked about it and I decided to do a search, just for fun never thinking I

would really find anything but a blurb of info.  Imagine my surprise and

thrill when your website popped up! The kids in my neighborhood took turns

watching it at each other's houses. One weekend at our house, the next

weekend at Nancy's house and so on. Then we would all walk to our homes

together, in the dark, after the "witching hour", dropping off each kid or

kids as we came to their houses. And you know what that meant ... someone

had to be the last one to reach home. Some of us had brothers and sisters

who were close in age and they would usually volunteer to be last. My sister

used to try to outrun me getting home though if we were last! She's still

devilish! : ) Even as teenagers, that walk used to scare us to death and the

smaller the group got, the more frightened we became. The website brought

back my memories of Mary Ellen and Poop Deck the parrot and 3-D Danny and

ALL of the people and shows on your website. I've forwarded you web address

to everyone I could think of.  I was born in 1946, so Shock Theater and

Shock Armstrong are definitely a part of my life in my great teenage years.

What a brilliant thing for you to do!  Love it and thanks for the memories! 



                                                   * * *

Let me know when you can post the clips! I was shattered when they stopped

SHOCK!(I'm 54 now and still think they would have a hit on their hands if

they brought it back) Remember THE NATIONAL AUTO SUPERMARKET!! and Columbia's "Salute (insert ##'s) times! (with freh'oles -neg'ros!) (I was 20 and in the Air

Force before I found out that was black beans!) Good times...I would watch

with my trusty Johnny Seven One Man Army at my side.(Just in case!) Thanks

for the site! 


                                                     * * *

Hello.  I just wanted to thank you for this website on SHOCK THEATRE.  I

grew up on this program and was hoping to see something on video.  I am 51

years old and a professional actor living in Florida.   I grew up in Winter

Haven Florida and loved building my Aurora monster model kits and watching

SHOCK THEATRE on Firday nights.   Thanks for posting the information that

you have and I am so saddened to read that there is no video available for


           Regards, Marc Macaulay

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