SHOCK ARMSTRONG The All-American Ghoul


Well, we've finally managed to get our SHOCK ARMSTRONG interview up and on the air. Done via telephone on 11/15/1993 it took a little audio filtering to clean it up, but overall I'm ecstatic with the results, as I'm sure you'll be when you hear it. 

Sadly, I have yet to uncover the audio of "Mother's" interview, but it may yet appear. For the time being please sit back and enjoy 22 minutes with Shock.

I need to acknowledge here the fine work done by Mike Clark, whose site is a must visit wonderland for everything that waxes nostalgic.

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This site exists to celebrate my childhood hero, SHOCK ARMSTRONG, late night TV Horror Host from Channel 13 in Tampa, Fla. (1964-68).

In the meantime here are a few photos of Shock from my own collection (autographed no less!), one of kids protesting outside Channel 13 after SHOCK THEATRE was cancelled (they did, in fact, bring it back), a photo of myself, some bored chick and Horror Host MT GRAVES (Charlie Baxter) from his old TV show on Channel 51 in Dania, Fla. (1972), and finally a rare still of my old pal, Bob Goldberg as COUNT WARLOCK out of Miami.

The things I most remember about SHOCK THEATRE was the creepy opening as the camera moved towards an old house, finally peeking into the window where Shock lay in his coffin, asleep with an alarm clock wired to his electrodes. 

He slept with a hideously stitched-up "Lamby-Pie", fought constantly with Mr. Wilson, the neighbor you never saw, but heard plenty of, and of course, his nagging "Mother", who also never made a real appearence, although they did once have a contest for kids to send in drawings of what they thought his mother looked like.

The movies were strictly of the Universal variety and this is where I saw the classics. The package also included boarder-line films like the INNER SANCTUM series and MURDER IN THE BLUE ROOM, which might well be considered horror films anyway.

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